The good news is you made it to a level of success where you’re ready to grow and expand your business. the bad news is you’re busy and overwhelmed with being a jack of all trades in your business and it’s sucking the energy out of you. Well, we’re at the end of 2022 and looking 2023 in the face. You may be screaming in your head, “when am I going to have a business that I run and doesn’t run me?!” You want to focus on the work you really want to do so you have more control over your day-to-day operations. Plus, you want to spend more time with the people closest to you.

Below, I listed 3 ways you can scale your business for success so you can work smarter, not harder in 2023.

Hire wisely

Hire staff that can take those pesky duties off your plate so you can streamline your day-to-day duties. Hire experts in their field, so you feel confident that your business is in good hands. For example, if you are a lawyer who needs leads and appointments booked, you may want to hire a marketing agency that can help you attract online and offline. That way, you can service your existing clients without spending hours on the computer trying out every hot new marketing strategy. The end result, you become a more productive and profitable lawyer or professional.

Look, it’s time to focus on long-term plans that will take your business to the next level of growth, whatever that means to you (make a bigger impact, grow your following, get more transformation for your clients).


Run to your whiteboard or grab a sheet of paper and do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats) analysis. This will help you know where you want to go and what actionable steps are required to get there. So, here’s how it works, strengths and weaknesses are internal factors that occur inside your business.  Therefore, a strength can be a skill you mastered that brings in more business (i.e. new certification), while a weakness can be a skill you lack, but need in your business (i.e. marketing).

Opportunities and threats are external factors that occur outside your business. For example, an opportunity can be a new tax law that gives you more money during tax time. Likewise, a threat can be a Google algorithm change that hurts the amount of traffic that comes to your business website.

Invest in yourself

At this point in your business, you may want to branch out and consider other opportunities that you didn’t have the time or the money to invest in when you started your business. Use the plan you developed in my second tip to seek help from those who specialize in the areas you need to grow your business (speaking, writing a book, merchandising, etc.). An expert can use their experience to support you as you expand your business and overall knowledge.

Now you have 3 ways to approach 2023 with a fresh perspective. So tell me, how do you plan to scale your business in 2023?

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