10 Must-Haves

For a High-Converting Website

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Get the top 10 items you need to take the guesswork out of generating more leads in your business. Our checklist will help you save time and money plus get more leads for your law firm, medical practice, or high-growth small to mid-size business.

Reclaim Your Time!

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Did you delegate your website to a team member thinking it will save money? We get it! Your business is in its growth phase and you’re looking for a way to work smarter. The thing is, your team is great at what they do, not web design and SEO. As a result, you’re dealing with lower productivity and more time spent on non-revenue generating activities. Add to that low website traffic, inquiries, and even worse low sales.

This is why we wrote the 10 Must-Haves For a High-Converting Website checklist. It will show you exactly what your website needs so you can focus on continued business growth.

Testimonial from Mary Jane Walsh, Business Coach!

We saved her clients save $12,000 annually from a website migration to WordPress!

About Our Founder

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Charique L. Richardson, MBA
Charique has been in the marketing game for over 25 years. This experience made her passionate about helping business owners build their businesses from good to great. After designing websites for her former employer at Duke Hospital, and a host of small businesses and large organizations, she developed ten must-have features every business website needs. Charique and her team helps busy business owner work smarter, not harder.
When Charique is not engrossed in web design and digital marketing, she is having movie nights with her three sons, trekking to the nearest beach, or raiding Amazon for clothes and home stuff.

Make Your Website Work As Hard As You Do!

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