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It all started during my second internship in my MBA program. I faced an exciting challenge when Deborah Rather, the VP of Diversity, asked me to make our corporate website more appealing to students like myself. With some initial trepidation, I eagerly delved into the fascinating world of web design.

I quickly connected with the Universal Studios web team that Seagrams was partnered with to learn about their design strategies and targeting techniques. I took notes, sketched designs, provided suggestions for the site’s overall appearance and submitted them to Deborah. While networking with another VP, he introduced me to the design team over the corporate website’s redesign. To my surprise, they recognized me from my notes and invited me to review their progress. From that moment, I was utterly captivated.

After graduation, I secured the hot job of the moment, pharmaceutical sales at Pfizer. Listen, I had a company car, an AMEX, fancy dinners, and cute clothes to match. But after seven award-winning years, I was unexpectedly laid off, leaving me heartbroken and wondering what’s next for me. Add to that, I had a nine-month-old to care for.

Unwavering, I bounced back with a another job and took entrepreneurial courses to help me start my web design agency. However, my business dreams were put on hold when God sent me twin boys. That was a pause, not an end.

After relocating to North Carolina, I began working at Duke Hospital, where I was once again approached about website design. The department needed a solution to reduce complaints from patients and hospital administration. Drawing from my experience at Seagrams, I tackled the project, mastering new skills in the process. When it was said and done, I designed an extensive 200+ page website for the largest department in the new Duke Cancer Center, coordinating a cross-functional team to make sure the design and content made sense.

The result? A website loved by patients, staff, and administration alike.

Soon, Department Chairs sent their Directors of Communication my way to see what I did to turn that website around. Even the web development team began referring clients to me. It was the perfect moment to build my business and make a name for myself. My boys were small, and I was missing out. I felt inadequate as a mom for working so long and not being there for them. I knew it was time to be there for them and chase my passion.

I started speaking and networking to expand my local reach, quickly generating a roster of small business clients. Throughout this experience, my faith has served as a guiding force, leading me to where I am today. With each new project, I’m driven by a desire to achieve remarkable results and exceed expectations for my clients.

My clients are like family and friends. I passionately believe in taking a high-touch approach to every business I work with, treating their aspirations and objectives as my own.
At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to quality over quantity. We handpick the businesses we work with, ensuring we can provide the exceptional, personalized service they deserve. This way, we foster lasting relationships built on trust, understanding and a shared vision for success.
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Press play to watch Charique’s captivating presentation at the Ripple Effect event on January 20-21, 2023, where she expertly discusses “How to Find Your Brand Voice and Grow an Engaged Audience.” Charique empowers you with actionable tips to elevate your website and social media campaigns immediately.

Her insights will resonate and leave you with a treasure trove of knowledge.

Additionally, Charique’s talk on “Websites That Work: How to Make Your Website Work As Hard As You Do” is a masterclass in web strategy. In this session, she unveils the essential elements that every website needs to maximize conversions, secure appointments, and skyrocket traffic. Her engaging and informative style makes complex concepts accessible, ensuring your audience will walk away motivated and equipped to implement these transformative strategies.