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Website Re-Design

Learning Matters

Eboni Walker approached our agency with a goal to upgrade her consulting business website. Aiming for a broader reach and an effective platform to sell her newest offer, she sought a design reflecting confidence and modernity. We collaborated intimately, successfully molding her vision into a user-friendly, responsive design, tailored to resonate with her targeted audience.

Elevating her business image, the revamped website now gleams with Eboni’s passion. She adores the innovative feel and look, and her excitement to show the world attests to our project’s success. Witnessing her thrive with our design solutions truly delights us!

New Website Design

Arden Park LLC

Mandy Poche needed a new website to launch her new skincare and botox business. She wanted to make sure the design represented her target audience and reflected the high-quality products she uses for her clients.

We created an elegant, clean design that gives the appeal her clients expect and desire.

New Website Design

Stephen Schrempp Insurance

We revamped Steve Schrempp’s website to help him reach his target audience across multiple states he is licensed to offer insurance solutions. We showcased his products and streamlined the contact process with a sleek, modern design.

As his agency grows, the site adapts with ease. The result is a significant boost in visibility and brand awareness for Steve and his team. Our design made his services accessible around the clock, capturing leads and accelerating his business growth.

Website Re-Design

Inhabit Real Estate

When Inhabit Real Estate sought our help, their website had navigation glitches and a mismatched layout on several pages. We overhauled their Team and individual member pages, resulting in a professional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing platform.

Post-transformation, their Team page featured compelling headshots capturing the spirit of each team member. Moreover, individual pages were upgraded beyond standard IDX confines, with personalized information offering more ways potential buyers can contact the agents. Ultimately, this led to a more engaging, customized user experience.

New Website Design

Donna M. Saunders Foundation

The Donna Saunder Foundation found themselves locked out of their old website and turned to us for a solution. We dived right in, curating a new brand identity with a warm, inviting color palette and engaging typography. We also repurposed their existing images, crafting an oasis of support for the women they serve.

The cherry on top? With their revamped website, they conducted a fundraising campaign and generated $54,000 in 16 days! This was a perfect example of how a thoughtful redesign can bring new life into an organization.

New Website Design

Algiers Economic Development Foundation

We revitalized the Algiers Economic Development Foundation’s online presence by constructing a website that effectively communicates with diverse audiences. Our team created a modern, clean design with a newly designed logo and features an interactive map for developers, which collectively accentuates the allure of living, working, and developing in Algiers.

Our design reflects the nonprofit’s forward direction and immaculately showcases Algiers’ charm. One of our proudest works, this transformative solution has bolstered the Foundation’s capability to attract developers, employers, and residents.

New Website Design

Kennon Craver, PLLC

Kennon Craver, PLLC needed a new modern website that reflects its intergenerational law team. The original website was dark, hard to read, and had clumsy navigation. We designed a clean design that reflects their professional brand and reputation in Durham, NC.

We optimized the website for speed and functionality and gave them a welcoming Home page that features their amazing law team.

Website Migration and Re-Design

Reese & Co. Real Estate

Reese & Co Real Estate was restricted by a costly all-in-one website platform. They were introduced to us by their business coach. They wanted more control over their website’s design and a cost-effective solution. We migrated their website from BoomTown to WordPress, preserving their original design while adding custom updates.

Our intervention afforded Reese & Co enhanced control and flexibility over their site and significantly reduced their expenses. Post-migration, the firm experienced a monthly saving of $1200, marking a victory in its financial strategy and our mission to deliver client-centered web solutions.

New Website Design

Dave’s Superior Construction

Dave Clarkson’s inaccessible website hindered his ability to showcase his work and services. Our solution was a fresh, user-friendly design, perfectly showcasing Dave’s services and making the breadth of his offerings clear and easily understood.

The new website improved his online visibility and offered easy client engagement. It now highlights Dave’s skills and offers seamless communication, enabling potential clients to request quotes. This has effectively boosted his digital presence and user interaction.